Friday, June 9, 2017

A Few New Residents Move into the Farm

My farmer friend Bob gave me two chicky-babies (the yellow one and the darkest gray one), and then today my chicken-lady friend Melody gave me too more (the two gray silkies)!!! It's a big chicken day at Red Robin Farm. Aren't they sweet?
I've been enjoying mornings in the garden. We've had several days of deliciously cool temperatures with occasional rain. I love gardening in cool weather.
We took down the peas and I dried the stalks. This morning I collected some seeds for a fall planting.

The pods should be very, very dry before you remove the seeds for storing. I hung more pea stalks on the fence so they could finish drying out.
 And I kept the branches from the wattle fencing because surely I can use them for some other purpose now too?

And our watermelon plants continue to grow ...
As do our cucumbers ...
 And our bush beans.
 Here's the sweet potato trench:

The plants survived the journey in the mail just fine and are thriving. Adam ordered them from Park Seed.
Today Adam dug out and tilled the long middle bed-that-wasn't-exactly-a-bed. We did put some lettuce in there, and some spinach, peas, Swiss chard, etc. But it was never quite prepared as well as the other beds, mainly because we didn't use it last year (esp. the whole middle section). So now Adam is going back and doing it well, as he did the other beds. He will line it all around with metal or tile.

We have a cedar tree in the garden with the prettiest tiny blue berries right now.
 In addition to the baby silkies, Melody also gave me some papaya seeds. I can't wait to start them in the greenhouse and find out how they do! I love having farming friends.
That's it from the farm!


  1. Aw! The chicks are so sweet!
    Can you grow papayas there?

  2. cute chickies!! Things are growing nicely there. Papaya? Interesting!

  3. Your little chicks are so cute!

    I think of papayas as being tropical.

    Happy Farm living ~ FlowerLady

  4. All these food photos are making me hungry. I'll have to make do with shop-bought food though :-(


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