Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Banner Day at the Farm

(This was written last week, and when we moved and lost our internet, I failed to post it. Completely out of order, here it is -- )
Friday: Many improvements, large and small, occurred at the farm today.
Our new front storm door waits to be hung. A screen in the front door will make a huge difference in the comfort of this house. It was built to catch excellent breezes from front to back. It's been very comfortable even in August heat without air conditioning (but we do need a screen).
The broken, leaky dishwasher went away.
In its place will go a nice new cabinet.
The front screen door is ivory-colored. It was returned to Lowe's because the purchaser didn't like the color, so it was $50 off. The new kitchen cabinet doesn't match the other cabinets exactly. But as I have often said in recent weeks to both Adam and our contractor: "I'm just not that kind of picky." And I'm not. Some women are, and that's absolutely fine. But it doesn't matter to me if everything is perfect or matchy or rises to my expectations. My only goal is a functional farmhouse. "Pretty" is kind of extra. This is our fourth home purchase, and I've learned to live with a lot of "adequate" in my time.
The dining and living room ceilings are finished and painted, and they look quite nice!
dining room before
dining room after
living room before
living room after
A good friend came today and brush-hogged our field/pasture. How exciting!! It looks great.
And lookie what came to the farm today!! It's the Jaguar! He drove it half-way. But because the electrical systems in the car are only partly functional, the windows couldn't go down. So the car became quite hot, and Adam pulled over to stand outside and cool off. Then he couldn't get the car to start again. From that point he had to get the car towed :(   But ... it's here!
Adam wasn't able to close up the bees last night; they were too upset and aggressive. So this morning he covered them with mesh. He successfully moved three of the hives.
I took these photos through the window, since I'm so highly allergic to bee stings.
They did get a few bee stings this morning, and by the time they moved the first three hives the sun was warm and the other hives were way too "active" to move today. He'll do them in the morning.
There's a plastic curtain in front of our bedroom door to prevent drywall dust from getting in there.
We experienced futon dysfunction today. We planned to move the futon into the office. We really did think it would clear the door, but it didn't.
It really didn't.
Adam and I manhandled that monster through the house to this position, only to find it impossible. So we left it there, standing in the bathroom, and went to eat dinner. We returned later and put it back into the front bedroom. We'll manage that conundrum later.
Tomorrow: 1) move remaining three bee hives, 2) move piano, 3) empty the Oriental house of all but our mattresses, 4) eat our last meal there, 5) get the girls' sleeping situations finished at the farm. We won't really have any time to work there on Sunday, and on Monday I'll be busy doing other things. And on Tuesday ... we must be living there. It's gonna happen!


  1. The two ceiling repairs look great. The property looks nice and I know you're glad to be moved in. You will settle in in time.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Great progress. You will be comfortable in no time.

  3. When we moved into our house here we replaced the dishwasher with a cabinet too. We gave it to the man who was installing our counter tops.
    Things seem to be moving along at a good pace.

  4. Dare I ask how the piano was transferred! My friend was talking about rolling one down the street. I hesitated to ask her how she'd get it up the stairs to her house!x


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