Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Looking Farmish

Looking Farmish -- that's what Adam calls it, when things get done around the farm, and we move one more baby step toward the final picture he sees in his head. Yesterday in the rain, he built more of these:
Now he has four compost bins all in a row.
He's layering the grass and pine straw with goat manure right now, very dry, very old goat manure.
In spite of the rain (of near-Biblical proportions) we've had in recent days, do you see how dry the inside of that manure pile is? It's quite hard to encourage water into this compost.
Adam hauled all the junk wood from where it was ripped out of the out-building, and used some of that semi-rotted flooring to make the compost bins. It's no good for flooring, but it's perfectly useful for holding up compost.
He's decided against using the shower doors (phew!). There are limits to how "jakey we are willing to look. Jakey is a word my grandmother used. She had quite a few fun terms from her West Virginia upbringing.
Adam found three long iron posts buried beneath pine straw along the back fence. They're about twelve feet long and heavy.
 He dug out one of them to investigate.
Anybody know what these are? Each one has a flange on each end. He's ruminating on what purpose he could use them for on the farm. I'm wondering what purpose they served before.
Speaking of rain, we're so glad Adam raised the beds in the winter garden.
The seedlings have truly sprouted! They haven't drowned yet.
Just down the street from us, and closer to the Bay River, the watery scene looks like this:
Quite wet.


  1. I'm impressed with Adam's "get up and go"! He's working so hard! He must be very energized by farming! Yay!

  2. Wow, busy, busy, busy in spite of rainy weather.

    Those iron pipes might be for supporting roof beams and such. Just a guess.

    Your farm life is so interesting.


  3. Oh yes, definitely looking farmish.
    Sorry no idea what the iron posts were used for.
    We've had a lot of rain too.

  4. I know exactly what you mean by "jakey". We tended toward jakey-ness in our farming endeavors, lol. If you can't find a purpose for the iron posts you might get a little something for them as scrap iron?


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