Friday, September 11, 2015


Hi, all. On a morning stroll in the pasture, we found these.
 I encouraged the puppies into the photos so you could get perspective on how LARGE these mushrooms are -- plates!
 We've had so much rain this past week. The 'shrooms spring up everywhere.
And a few like this:
Adam tried to till the field in recent days. When he dug into this Pamlico Muck (our local soil type), he quickly found water. The field was draining the rain away. There's a slight slope from the back of our property toward the road.
And the dogs? They absolutely adore living here. They get to roam around in the pasture while Adam works out there. They haven't known this much freedom (especially Beau). They are happy.
 The bees are happy. Adam wants to add a box on each hive as he's now feeding them as they head into the fall/winter. They've been too grumpy to open their hives. The raked grass is doing a good job at keeping the weeds down for now. The chicken feeder is a bee feeder. Adam like this arrangement.
These are Adam's farm boots which do not come into the house. Down here in river country, they are shrimp boots, but they serve well on the farm.
He borrowed a nice tiller from a friend and (as I said) made an attempt. 
He got a strip done, but not too deeply.
Hopefully the soil will be dryer in the morning.


  1. You are tenacious farmers! Mushrooms have been taking over my lawn, too. The grass never seems to dry out, so the mushrooms love it.

  2. You're blessed. You know that, I know. :) So good for you both to have physical work in the midst of *life*. Levels things off, I believe.


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