Monday, September 21, 2015

Inside and Out

Adam got busy early this morning on his winter garden, which is about 25 x 25 feet. He mowed it again, and tilled it across, and then the other way. Then he dug out rows too. Above you see him in the tilling stage. Later he went to a local farm store and bought lots of seed -- lettuce mix, spinach, arugula, collards, kale, broccoli, and some others. We hope to have lots of greens to sell at the winter farmers' markets when other farmers are out of things to sell.
While Adam was busy outside, I decided it was time to attack the grossness in the kitchen. Between ladies' Bible study this morning and work this afternoon, I addressed this:
No, that's not some bizarre brown decorative stripe. That's greasy dirt way up above the stove. Ugh.
The unusual Mr. M. (the previous owner) loved hanging copper molds and pots around the upper regions of his kitchen. The family removed them all, but not the nails, and not these copper brackets in the four corners.
The nails were All Over The Place. Some men who live alone have this Nail Philosophy. Use whatever nails you have handy. Never move an existing nail if you can simply drive in another one. Bent ones, ugly ones, long ones. Doesn't matter. They were everywhere.
See? Do you really need a nail this long to hang a little copper mold?
 Okay, so here's the Grunge Stripe. I scrubbed away at that. The old dirty grease extended up to the fearsome wallpaper border overhead.
Progress. Adam makes huge progress. I scrub dirt. We're getting there! The seeds go in tomorrow!


  1. I bet you felt good when you got that job finished!! : )

  2. You guys are so productive! I'm having fun kibitzing from the sidelines. :) Praying for magnificent crops from your winter garden!


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