Thursday, September 10, 2015

What Adam Did Inside:

We had those horrid shower doors in our bathroom. Adam and I wanted them gone. We feel they make the shower a bit claustrophobic. We prefer a shower curtain. Adam took out the doors and installed a nice rod, and I hung the curtain.
Our bathroom is small, and we have just the one. We like it this way. We want a small house -- easy to heat, cool, clean, and care for.
There are such conveniences to a small house, and a small bathroom too. From a seated position, one can reach everything. One can wash one's hands, straighten the vanity, reach all the drawers and the trash can. One can begin drawing one's bath water, swap out the toilet paper, flip on the light, brush one's teeth, comb one's hair. Ah -- the conveniences of a small bathroom!

This morning I woke at 4:00 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep, having too many troubles rumbling around in my mind. This made for a groggy morning and a long afternoon. I was a bit downcast. When I arrived home after 6:00, Adam and Julia had been busy making me happy. They painted the living room this afternoon!
They moved all the furniture to the center, removed the rug, taped all the doors and windows, cleaned the edges and sills, painted, and returned everything to its place ten minutes before I got home. Whew!
The room looks lovely. And it did make me happy :) At last I have a room with pretty walls ready for pictures. They say Julia's bedroom is next.
Wasn't that a particularly nice thing for them to do? And then Adam made us delicious French toast for supper. I have a very sweet husband.


  1. Wonderful! I can tell it's already home, but it's really beginning to look that way. Paint has such a transforming power!

  2. That's amazing! Everything...sweet gifts indeed.

  3. So exciting to read all of your recent posts here. Things are really moving along there at your farm. I'm so happy for you. The paint job and all the other fix-ups look so nice. There's nothing like a fresh coat of paint and a new cupboard and new screen door to make life good! And then there's the clothesline! Oh, how you'll enjoy that, I think. God bless all you set your hands to.


  4. What great things to have done for you! :-)

    I bet you all will enjoy working inside this weekend doing more 'nesting' work.

    Have fun ~ FlowerLady

  5. YES, to shower curtains, paint, AND french toast. love watching all of this!

  6. I think I'd prefer a curtain too. - How nice to come home to a freshly painted room and oh my that french toast looks divine.

  7. That was a very nice thing for them to do. : )
    I too have a shower curtain and prefer them to the doors. Those doors are no fun to clean!
    Hope you can clear your mind and have a good and peaceful sleep tonight. In fact I just said a prayer that you will. : )

  8. I have the same problem with waking in the early morning and my mind racing away on the world's problems. I've gotta practice giving it to God! Praying we both get some sleep! :) Beautiful living room! Have fun hanging your pictures. Your hubby and daughter are very sweet.


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