Saturday, February 6, 2016

Working While the Sun Shines

We had such lovely, warm, dry weather earlier this week. Adam used it fully. He finished off the pea trellis bed.
He took the fencing off of this spot, attaching it to the tall posts in the bed for the peas to climb up.
Mr. M. had a lot of fencing around because he had animals. We don't have to worry about our corn and beans wandering away, although it's true that vining tomatoes, peas, and squashes will roam a bit :)
He moved immediately onto the next bed, which will be for various veggies. He double-dug it and brought in a truckload of compost, mixing it in. His back was sore again that night. The dogs helped.
I freed this rose fan trellis from a mound of vines -- honeysuckle, Virginia creeper, wisteria. It was a mess. I may put it beside the house. It's previous spot was awful though; you could hardly see it.
The dogs. Oh, the dogs.
I wanted to get all three of them in the window, but Maggie is such a camera hog.
Julia and Maggie are big friends. We'll make a farm girl out of her yet!


  1. Woo hoo! Nice job you're doing! And so many useful things to repurpose.

  2. Lots of working happening around the farm. Looking good!!


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