Monday, August 17, 2015

And the Ceiling Comes Crashing Down

Late this afternoon Adam and I went to the farm to check out this out-building. See that metal roof? It leaks.
The ceiling plywood was damaged so he took it down, and it was a huge mess. We think at least one squirrel had made a home up there, plus a million spiders. We set off a "bomb" in there two days ago, so the spiders had met their demise.
Since it was clearly a one-man job and quite messy, I strolled in the yard and perused the lovely shade.
...and the field of rustling corn and the across-the-road neighbor's roof.
I can't wait to free this fig bush from the vines and tree that presently strangle it.
Another ceiling got some work today -- the front porch. All exposed wood on the house has to be scraped and painted, according to the Hud inspector. So the porch is getting a once-over and looking quite nice!
It has a lovely medallion in the center.
Meanwhile Adam deposited all the ceiling panels in the grass. He himself was covered with cobwebs, dirt, dust, and crud.
Here's a fuzzy foto of the ripped-out ceiling. I must say, I was impressed with Adam's vigor to do all that with a crowbar after a day of work.
Eight sheets of thin plywood lean against the wall now, waiting to be lifted overhead and made into a new ceiling.
Anna wants the ugly linoleum outa there, and Adam has declared the sub-floor to be unacceptable. After he repairs the roof, these things will be ... next!


  1. I am enjoying seeing the work being done. So much work to do but so worth it.
    It is in such a beautiful area.

  2. It is always neat to see projects in progress. You all are accomplishing a LOT.



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