Monday, August 24, 2015

The Someday Oven

Someday ... in a few years ... we will have a large, outdoor, wood-fired bread oven.
Adam has built one before, in our backyard in Stateville, NC. So I'm gonna share a few posts here that will give you an idea of what an oven like that is like. Click on any of the sentences below (in red) to find a post on that topic.

Build a foundation first
Building the fire-brick arch the wrong way
Building the fire-brick arch the right way
Finishing the facade
The first fire in the box
Finishing the facade and the pretty arch
3-minute pizza, and then some bread

four loaves of rye bread
A roof on the ovenMore roof work
How do you make a door for an 800-degree oven? Not from wood!
A door solution
If you're just desperate to read every single post about that oven, just click on any link above, scroll down until you see the list of "labels" on the right sidebar, and click on the first label, "Adam's Bread Oven." There are 19 posts.
We were sad to leave that oven behind in Statesville. But Adam hopes to build a new oven here on our farm. This time he plans to build a cob bread oven. This image from Google gives an idea of what it might look like:
For nightly entertainment right now, Adam and I are watching episodes of "An American Homestead," youtube videos about a family of six off-gridders in the Ozarks. This is the episode where they show the process of building their brick outdoor oven:


  1. You guys have such neat ideas. Bread ovens! Hey, and thanks for the An American Homestead link. Sounds like something I'd love to watch! :)

  2. The Someday Oven would be so great! You guys have been really busy bees there. You mentioned not living in Oriental anymore. Are you far from there? Will you still be nearby friends?

  3. Oh my an outdoor bread oven looks and sounds wonderful. I love the scent of fresh baked bread.

    Enjoy your week ~ FlowerLady

  4. A bread oven! You all are amazing! That bread looks delicious.

    I see I've missed a few posts here. I'm amazed you have the energy to take pictures and write posts about all this, but it will be great for you to look back at what you've accomplished.


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