Sunday, August 16, 2015

Floors and Pressure-washing -- the beginning

I love going to the farmhouse and finding jobs to do. Because our contractor hasn't started repairing the roof yet, there's much we can't do yet. However, I figured it wouldn't hurt to pull up the tack boards around all the rooms where we pulled up the ugly green carpet. These boards are lethal! Full of carpet nails ready to impale your toes.
I took a crowbar along. I bashed my right pinkie before I decided this was a job for gloves.
I got half the dining room done before the girls and I had to leave.
I can't say it's prettier yet, but it's less dangerous!
Meanwhile, our contractor has been pressure-washing the outside of the house, a job the Hud inspector required. It looks really good.
He also pressure-washed the back deck, which was slick and slimy. It looks great!

It may be silly in the extreme, but I also took a few books to the house. There's not much we can put in the house yet, considering that the roof leaks a little and many of the ceilings will be replaced. But I don't think these shelves are going anywhere, so I'll fill them up.
Adam's first big project involved the little out-building. It's a 15x15 cement block building with a few roof leaks of its own and a plywood ceiling that's beginning to cave in. He plans to repair the room and replace the ceiling. It will serve as storage first, then as a possible hangout for our kids, and later (hopefully) as a farm store for selling the things we hope to sell here. Adam is still tied up in some pastoral care concerns today, so the girls and I went to Lowe's and bought eight sheets of plywood so it'll be ready for him when he needs it.
That's enough for now -- the next post will say something about ceilings!


  1. Oh man, it must SMELL better in there with the carpet gone! The deck looks great! Progress! :)

  2. If your tetanus shots aren't current, they should be. God alone knows what's lurking in an old house re-do...speaking from knowledge here.

  3. Every little bit you do makes it more yours and a better place to be.


  4. Oh yes, those tack boards are awful!!
    Those power washers are amazing.
    Every little thing that gets done is progress. You will look back and wonder how you did it all. : )


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