Saturday, August 15, 2015

On the Right Side of the House

(To view an aerial shot of the farm, or to see a rough blueprint of the house layout, click on the 'plans' page above.)
Now I'll briefly take you through the bedrooms. They run, 1-2-3, along the right side of the house from front to back. The largest (ha!) is immediately off the living room.
The carpet in four rooms was this blue-green, quite old and stained. I do not like old dirty carpet; I like hard wood with rugs. So we pulled up all the carpet and hauled it outside.
Here's what the floor looks like:
They need sanding and cleaning, but they will be cleaner than old carpet!
I noticed a dark hold in the carpet in the front bedroom where the old man slept. At first I thought it was a utility line of some sort. While pulling up the carpet I discovered it was a burnt spot. I suppose he dropped a cigarette on the carpet one night while lounging in bed. Yikes! It burned through into the floor.
Here's a close-up of the living room floor (bottom) and the dining room floor (top). Not too good. The wood needs stripping and sanding and finishing, and the ancient gray linoleum squares in the dining room are so ugly. Still, I prefer them to green carpeting. We owned an 1870s Victorian home in Mississippi years ago, and we attempted to pull up this kind of flooring in a bathroom. Horrible!
 The sellers also left us two oil heaters! I love these things. I'm wondering if they're telling us, "Just wait till you feel how cold this house is in January!" haha :)
 Closet space is sparse! This is the "master" closet, tucked into a corner with two outrageously inaccessible cabinets above. I pulled out the carpet and liner today.
 On to the middle bedroom -- it opens directly off the dining room. Please note the hideous wallpaper and accent strip that will most certainly be gone. Each person has his own taste!

From the corner of the dining room (which you see in the above photo, on the left side), you enter the bathroom. And from there, you access the 3rd bedroom in the back of the house.
Here's the view looking from the dining room, through the corner of the bathroom, into the back bedroom:
And here's the view from the back bedroom, looking through the bathroom, into the dining room:
This arrangement must change for the sake of our daughter who will be using the back bedroom. The contractor will make a new passageway, cutting through the middle bedroom, bypassing the bath, to give her a private entrance. I'll close off the door that joins the bath and bedroom, which will give me space in the bathroom to put a dresser for more storage.
Last but not least, the bathroom. Not a fabulous bath, but serviceable. I do wish it had a window; I love a bathroom to have a window. The first thing I did here was remove the paper towel rack mounted just behind the toilet. Such a man thing to do!
And this light fixture -- it's interesting, unique, kind of '70s retro, but not really my farmhouse style. Kind of a flying-saucer, celebrate the space race, fixture. I think it will go away too. 
Oh -- one more fun thing. Get a load of this embroidered panel in the dining room. It had a wooden frame around it, like a picture. Can you get what it is?
It conceals the fuse box! Wow, just wow. We will find another solution for fuse-box-concealment, and the dead sunflowers will find a home elsewhere!
That's it for the house.  See you later!


  1. You sure have a LOT of work to do with ripping up old carpet, peeling wallpaper, etc. Enjoy the process, it will be wonderful when you are DONE.

    Love & hugs ~ Rainey

  2. Wonderful fun to finally get in there and get at it! I wouldn't be too hasty about getting rid of the dead sunflower art. You may have a Van Gogh on your hands! lol!

  3. I actually like the flying saucer light! Another "man thing" in my house is for mirrors to be placed too high so the only person who can use them is my vain hubby.

  4. I am amazed at the progress of y'all's work. Impressive. The results will all be well worth it!!!


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